Innovative 3D Metal Printing

Additive manufacturing commonly referred to as Industrial “3-D Metal Printing” is a digital process, which uses 3-D design data to build components in layers by depositing material. Using exotic metals, the material can be deposited to build prototypes or small batches of parts with unmatched precision and speed. MWES has developed a 3D Laser-Wire Additive manufacturing process where high deposition rates for large parts are essential.  Complicated forms can be 3-D printed that would otherwise be extremely difficult to create.

MWES Additive Process Offers

  • Planning of the build process with help of WALS software
    • Build strategy planning
    • Slicing
    • Implementation of process parameters
    • Translation into the robot path program
  • Process development for laser welding
  • Laser optic measuring system
  • Hot or cold wire feed
  • Safety equipment
  • Tooling configuration

Additive Manufacturing Process


The additive manufacturing process begins with the preparation of CAD model and quality characteristics necessary for the production part. The model is then sliced into layers and formed into a robot path. This path is then translated through a post processor and transferred to the robot controller. The robot can now perform the task of building the part layer by layer.

Additive Applications Include:

  • Prototypes
  • Small batch production runs
  • Die blanks incl. cooling channels,
  • Different material sandwiches
  • Replacement parts
  • Rebuilding wear surfaces
  • Cladding

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