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Innovative 3-D Metal Printing

MWES provides the equipment, process, and continued engineering support to our customers for the ever changing demands of metal manufacturing.

Robotic Additive Manufacturing Quick Facts

MWES Advantages

  • Hot Wire Deposition
  • Dynamic Deposition Measuring
  • Integrated Wire and Laser Head
  • CAD to Path Software

What We Provide

  • Planning of the workpiece
  • Preparation of the slicing program
  • Robot path program translation
  • Process development
  • Laser optic system
  • Hot or cold wire feed
  • Safety equipment
  • Tooling configuration


  • Prototypes
  • Small batch production runs
  • Replacement parts
  • Rebuild surfaces
  • Cladding


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MWES’ proprietary process of 3-D Metal printing of exotic materials is demanded due to expensive manufacturing methods involving casting or machining out of stock material.

Additive manufacturing commonly referred to as Industrial “3-D Metal Printing” is a digital process, which uses 3-D design data to build components in layers by depositing material. When using exotic metals, material can be deposited to build prototypes and small batches of parts with unmatched precision and speed. Complicated forms can be 3-D printed that would otherwise be extremely difficult to create.


LDD 3D Viewer robotic additive manufacturing


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The time and cost savings to manufacture components by additive processes compared to conventional methods of casting and then machining or machining out of stock material is demanded in today’s competitive environment

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Small batches can be produced faster and cheaper through additive manufacturing than building the complex shapes by a casting or welding process.

Flexible manufacturing solutions, such as robots, allow for creating different parts based on 3-D CAD data with minimal time, cost investing for re-tooling and subcomponent manufacturing.

New part designs can be tested for strength and metallurgical performance quickly and accurately with 3-D wire printing technology that would not be practical or possible by conventional methods.

Learn the Layer-by-Layer Process for Successful Additive Manufacturing
Midwest Engineered Systems Guide to 3-D Metal Printing


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MWES has identified the need in the industry to provide a complete solution for additive metal manufacturing. MWES has partnered with several well named international vendors to develop a complete and scalable additive metal manufacturing solution.


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