Breakthroughs in Robotic Bin Picking

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Incorporating robots to pick randomly placed objects used to be an impossible task.   In recent years, progress has been made and more problems have been discovered such as overlapping parts, lighting interferences, part surface area issues, and computer programs that couldn’t recognize part orientation that caused for the bin picking process to fail. Now, new advancements have been uncovered that has increased the success rate of random bin picking in all sorts of applications!



Breakthroughs have occurred in random bin picking applications with advancements in software, vision systems, computer processing, and robot gripping options. These advancements have made random bin picking possible for picking parts from diverse product lines that handle a variety of materials.


Enhanced Vision Systems

Just like human hand-eye coordination, robots need to be well aligned with the vision system in order to work properly. These enhanced 2D and 3D vision systems are able to react quickly to their surroundings and result in accurate alignment from the robot to the part being picked. The best vision systems are also able to acquire a good image of the parts in the bin, match parts with the 3D drawing (or part image), selecting the best part to be picked, avoid collisions, and communicate all of this information to the robot.


Computer Processing

Computer software is now able to calculate linear segments and other part features. This allows the robot to detect the correct object, be aware of its environment, and plan for the path of execution.


Flexible End-Effectors

Magnets, vacuum cups, pneumatic grippers, servo grippers, and the list goes on… Integrating the appropriate end-effector to handle parts in different positions is necessary for any successful random picking applications. Magnets are great for heavy or large metal parts, vacuum cups work best when parts have regular geometries and flat surfaces spaces. Pneumatic grippers are used when parts are more spread out. Servo grippers are one of the most flexible end-effector options for bin picking because of the ability to adjust speed, force, and position of the grasping mechanism.


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