Don’t Miss the MWES Automate 2017 Showcase

//Don’t Miss the MWES Automate 2017 Showcase

Over the past 26 years, MWES has become a leader in automation systems integration.  We have experience dealing with complex applications from small stand-alone machines to fully automated production lines for almost every industry. Each piece of equipment designed by MWES is created to actualize the unique needs of our customers.

At Automate 2017, attendees will have an opportunity to see a range of equipment that showcases Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. and Partner capabilities.

3D Additive ‘ADDere’ System

New Additive 3D Metal Printing ‘ADDere’ system can provide manufacturers with the ability to optimize prototype part manufacturing of large components with fast speeds, high efficiency, and lower costs than conventional methods. The cell is able to utilize numerous types of metals while specializing in exotic metals that are typically used in the Aerospace Industry.

Click to read the MWES 3D Additive System ‘ADDere’ White Paper

Safan Press Brake Demo

The MWES Press Brake Demo cell features a Safan Model 35-1250 CNC Controlled Servo Electronic Press Brake. The Safan Press in the demo cell is equipped with a 4 Axis CNC back gage system with an integrated sheet measurement system. The Safan Press is tended by a Fanuc M-10iA robot running on an R-30iB control System. The Fanuc robot is equipped with iRvision which is used to qualify the position of the part in the robot EOAT. This robot is equipped with a mechanical/vacuum gripper. The Fanuc robot can be set up to actively track the presses ram allowing the robot to follow the part through the bend cycle.

MWES robotic press brake systems can be purchased with optional offline programming software supplied by almaCAM. almaCAM Bend increases press brakes utilization rates by reducing the ineffective time of machines. As an offline programming press brake software, almaCAM Bend helps eliminate expensive programming mistakes before the manufacturing launch and reduce programming times.

Robotic Press Brake tending is a demanding application on robotic dress packages.  Positioning the parts requires significant rotation of the gripper putting strain on the cable management system.  In addition, the grippers must be frequently changed to allow the parts to be supported and positioned properly into the die-sets during the bending process. To resolve these challenges, MWES uses RSP’s line of Swiveling Tool Changers and hollow arm robot Tool Changers with dress packages. For the Safan Press Brake demo, check out the RSP TC20-4E ID, 20Kg Hollow Arm Tool Changer and complete dress system.

Robot System Products (RSP) is a global leader in producing and developing robotic peripheral equipment for all of the reputable robotic brands.  RSP has a long standing tradition of producing top quality tool changers, swivels (rotary unions), swivel tool changers, tool stands, hose packages, de-burring solutions, valve units, dress-packages and complete  robot functional packages for over 30 years.

Jervis Webb AGV SmartCart

MWES will display one of the newer Assembly Line AGV’s from Jervis Webb at Automate 2017.  Jervis Webb is a leader in designing and building AGV assembly lines for building products ranging from cars, furnaces, lawnmowers, mattresses and more.  Jervis Webb has been providing and innovating Assembly Line equipment since 1920. They continue to lead the industry offering cost effective and flexible assembly line solutions along with our global VAR (Value Added Reseller) network.

ABB IRB 120 Clean Room Robot

The MWES IRB120 demo is a robot that picks lego blocks, through vision guidance, that are randomly oriented on the flexfeeder.  It then place them accurately to form in 2D and 3D and ABB logo.  In between placements, it changes tool so that it can check whether the lego blocks are properly placed.

Force/Torque Integration

MWES has integrated several leading edge technologies offered through Essential Robot Products Inc. (Booth 2659). MWES is showing off the real-world application of assembling tight tolerance parts with a KUKA AGILUS sixx KR-6 R700 robot equipped with the Force/Torque software package. The application uses RÖHM grippers to grip the parts.  The gripper used for the assembly is directly connected to an OptoForce HEX-70-XE-200N force-torque sensor.  The six-axis OptoForce sensor gives the robot the capability to “feel” as the parts go together, sending small corrections to the robots path via high-speed Ether CAT communications to the KUKA controller.  To further enhance the flexibility of the robot and assembly process, the robot is using an RSP STC20-8E, 20Kg Swivel Tool Changer.  The swivel tool changers allow for unlimited rotation of the tool without twisting the robot’s cable package.  Eliminating the constraint of the cable package allows the robot to use its full range of motion.  The tool changer function allows the robot to pick up additional tools for a multitude of different tasks, such as deburring.  The Kuka cell will demonstrate this by exchanging its assembly tooling for a high speed 450HD pneumatic driven spindle from Air Turbine Tools™. The Air Turbine Tool will simulate a deburring operation.               

Essential Robot Products specializes in robotic automation and cost effective maintenance products. Our offerings support key operations in material handling, spot welding, mechanical gripping, robotic milling/drilling/de-burring, robotic cable management, robotic transfer and force & force/ torque sensing.  Our lines also offer superior OEM quality ABB robot service parts as well as robust, low-cost micro-welding solutions.

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