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The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) founded National Engineers Week in 1951 to educate and inspire the future engineering workforce. Throughout the week of February 21-27, 2016 we are honoring the engineering workforce at MWES by highlighting their amazing talents and how their work impacts the success of MWES.


The engineers at MWES are not only smart and creative, but also some of the best problem solvers. We have a staff of mechanical engineers, electrical controls engineers, and applications engineers that work throughout our automation project management process to take a project successfully from concept to installation. Read on to learn more about what it’s like to be an engineer at MWES!


Applications Engineers

“The Application Engineering group we have at MWES is a great group of talented people. We all have a lot of crazy ideas about how to make our customer’s needs a reality.” Steve P, Applications Engineering Manager

The Applications Engineers at MWES are responsible for supporting the Sales Team by fulfilling customer requests for proposals of their automated equipment and system needs. Throughout the development of concept and preparation of layouts, estimations of pricing, and development of the proposal, the Applications Engineering department assembles a package for the Sales Engineers to present to customers. Applications Engineers will also follow the project through to the kick-off phase and even into the initial internal design phase.

Applications Engineers at MWES
Applications Engineers at MWES

Mechanical Engineers

“Our Mechanical Engineering Team strives to ensure the best design solution is always achieved. We have become better equipped to meet demanding design challenges as MWES has grown and moves forward in 2016 and beyond.” Steve M, Mechanical Engineering Manager

The Mechanical Engineers at MWES are tasked with taking the ideas and concepts laid out by the Applications and Sales departments and making them a reality, all while staying within budget and time constraints!   In an effort to improve design quality, Mechanical Engineers work to ensure that accurate assembly and machining drawings are provided to the shop floor. Each design is fully reviewed for function and cost, and the drawing package is thoroughly checked prior to release to purchasing and manufacturing. Designs are reviewed with our peers from all departments, including valuable input from Machine Builders and Machinists; to ensure the best and most cost effective solution(s) are achieved.

Mechanical Engineering Group at MWES
Mechanical Engineering Group at MWES

Electrical Controls Engineers

“Controls Engineers takes a lot of pride in making sure the end products are functional and user friendly.  Our ultimate goal is to insure our customers are happy with the results.” Todd B., Controls Engineering Manager

Electrical Controls Engineers at MWES are responsible for taking a project concept and making it into fully functional and user-friendly piece of equipment. In order to accomplish this, the Controls Engineers must have a complete understanding of the mechanics of the machine such as environment of the equipment, power requirements, customer specifications, cable routing, machine dismantling, and operator interfaces. Not only does the controls engineer design the electrical control schematics but they are also required to write the machines functional specification and program the machine.

Electrical Controls Engineering Group at MWES
Electrical Controls Engineering Group at MWES

Engineering for the Future

We may be a bit biased, but our engineers are amazing at what they do. Without them, MWES would not have been able to complete the over 4,000 successful projects in the last 25 years!

Become a part of this dynamic team and take on high tech equipment and processes challenges that have never been created before!  Check out our available positions here-

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