Depalletizing System with Vision

//Depalletizing System with Vision


The Challenge:

Design and build a fully automated robotic depalletizing cell for boxed spray heads.



  • System must supply parts to two (2) lines
  • Convey full or partial pallet loads to the depalletizing robot
  • Dynamically pick full boxes off pallets
  • Automatically cut top of box tape
  • Empty boxes into line feed hoppers
  • Break down corrugated boxes for reuse
  • Automatically stack pallets and send out full stacks for pickup

The Solution

The following methods, components, and technologies were implemented and integrated to provide a comprehensive solution:

    • Custom compliant end of arm tool with integrated robotic vision
    • System can dynamically detect partial pallets and various pallet patterns using integrated robotic vision
    • Custom integrated chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor system
    • Dynamic box pallet picking and orientation using robotics and vision
    • Custom box tape cutting system
    • Custom corrugated box breakdown and stacking machine
    • MWES Model PS1200 pallet stacking machine

Impact to the Customer

  • Depalletize rate of 1 box every 30 seconds
  • Robotic depalletizer feeds two bottling lines
  • Complete “lights out” operation
  • Boxes are broken down and stacked for reuse (Green initiative)



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