Dynamic Vision System

//Dynamic Vision System

Midwest Egnineered Systems designed and built a Tube Bin Picking, Orientation and Machine Loading Application System.


The Challenge

Design a fully automated multi-station press for HVAC header tubes. The machine must automatically load:

  • Header Tubes (variety of part configurations)
  • Baffles
  • End Caps
  • Parts must then be automatically assembled and sorted by part type.

The Solution

  • Robotic Loading of header tubes using:
    • Robotic bin picking with vision
    • Part identification using robotic vision
    • Part orientation using robotic vision
    • Robotic re-grip station to attain orientation
  • Magazine Loading Stamped Baffles
  • Vibratory bowl feeder loaded end caps
  • Servo driven electro-mechanical pressing
  • Laser part identification
  • Laser part position feedback
  • Recipe driven part press configuration
  • Linear cam driven assembly

Impact to the Customer

  • Part rate of 1 part assembled every 6 seconds or less
  • Parts are automatically assembled
  • Parts are automatically sorted by top and bottom header

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