Process Design Specialists

//Process Design Specialists

Midwest Engineering Systems Inc., an innovative provider of premier custom machines and integrated systems now offers more unique automation technology.

Since the beginning of 2014, Midwest Engineering Systems has seen an increase in manufacturing companies interested in implementing automation and robotic systems into their operations.  In order to support the growing manufacturing industry, Midwest Engineering Systems has expanded their capabilities and services to include robotic laser deburring, robotic bin picking, process development programs, and concept testing processes.

Robotic Laser Deburring

Automating the process of removing burrs and edges using a high-powered laser.  This new technology has many advantages over conventional deburring techniques when removing burrs around intersecting holes.  This technology has the advantage of no consumable tooling, dynamic edge processing control, and virtually no fixuring.  The result is a product that can be cleaned before deburr processing and requires no post deburr cleaning

Random Robotic Bin Picking

The ability to locate and pick randomly piled parts from a bin, using a robot and vision system.  Robots can verify the correct gripping position to pick up parts and place them in a second location.  Further capacities include:Distinguishing the desired part from garbage or part with incorrect features

  • Deep bin picking up to 4’
  • Not just part extraction but picking with part orientation
  • Identifying parts and their orientation regardless of surface finish, shine, rust, color, etc.
  • Robotic mechanical gripper and magnetic end effector configurations

Process Development Programs and Concept Testing

Using quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate automation equipment designs and functionality before building a complete final system. Midwest Engineering Systems provides complete Design of Experiments (DOE) testing, process capability testing for CP and CPK as well complete prototyping so that you will know your process capability before you invest in the automated production line.
Midwest Engineering Systems Inc. has been providing high-quality custom machine design and automation solutions since 1991.

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