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Seven (7) Fanuc robots with either dual pneumatic grippers or magnetic end-effectors work together to execute random bin picking, part transportation via conveyor lines, and robotic conveyor picking of moving parts in preparation for a heat-treating application.



Random robotic bin picking eliminates the need for repetitive motion and manually moving heavy parts from deep bins. This reduces injury and strain to workers.


MWESVision system software displays 3D maps of the bin environment for bin avoidance, optimized part picking, and orientation control. This technology improves picking through-puts by determining the part’s location and orientation within the bin.

MWESAdvanced part conveyors include adjustable robotic pick stations for large variations in part sizes.

MWESA heavy duty recirculating conveyor system is used for picking parts. Vision system technology is mounted on conveyor tracking slides for locating randomly piled parts on the conveyor.


Fanuc vision technology verifies the orientation of each part on the end-effector magnet to optimize the loading position.

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