Bringing Your Processes Together with Robotic Integration

From small stand-alone systems to large integrated processes, Midwest Engineered Systems custom designs each robotic integrated system for your specialized needs. Midwest Engineered Systems has designed and installed hundreds of robotic-based systems for startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Our design and build solutions can include: customized robots, specialized End-of-Arm-Tools (EOAT), cable solutions, vision systems, safety enclosures, process monitoring, control systems, and many other technical equipment to improve your manufacturing process.

Our robotic systems are often a portion of a larger machine and control system we are providing. Utilizing the most current sensory, end effector, vision systems, motion control, and software available to the rapidly changing robot environment, MWES will provide you with ROBUST manufacturing systems.



Midwest Engineered Systems integrates automated assembly lines optimized for fast and efficient output. Custom assembly lines are engineered to your specific manufacturing needs. All of our systems include user-friendly features such as: graphic touch screen interfaces, maintenance diagnostics, quality reporting, management control reporting, and many others.

From start to finish, our technical expertise can fully integrate your system into a  assembly line solution. Our unique experience allows our multi-disciplined technical staff to design and build a system for your entire process.

Automated Assembly Line Systems

  • Component Manufacturing
  • Parts Assembly
  • Product Transfer
  • Product Inspection and Verification
  • Product Testing
  • Fully integrated Systems
  • Data Acquisition and Monitoring



Dynamic Vision Picking

Dynamic robotic picking can be implemented using conveyor belts and vision systems.  Parts pass through scanners and are presented to the robot with out human interference.  3D vision systems locate the parts on a moving surface and direct the robot for proper gripping and positioning.

  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Reduce Loss time due to injury
  • Less than 2 year return-on-investment
  • Remove staff from dangerous work environment
  • increase productivity & quality


Brake Press Automation

Automated brake press systems offer increased productivity for metal fabricators. Midwest Engineered Systems custom engineers robotic solutions to work with your brake press throughout the metal bending process. Robots are programmed for proper placement and holding power to increase the quality of each part.

Brake Press Jobs that benefit the most from robotic automation:

  • High-volume jobs that dominate one brake press or one operator
  • Highly repetitive tasks
  • Low-volume jobs that are reoccurring
  • Large parts that are difficult to handle or may take more than one operator

Bending robot systems are not only for repetitive jobs, but can easily be programmed with the use of off-line programming tools for short-run applications to decrease turn-around times while delivery excellent quality.



High Speed Inspection

With most manufacturing processes, you need a way to accurately and precisely measure your products.  Our inspection systems are custom designed to incorporate different handling and feeding concepts.  This allows for the inspection and quality testing for almost any part style.



Material Handling

Midwest Engineered Systems integrates cost effective material handling systems from simple pick and place solutions to fully automated lines. We offer a variety of conveyance solutions for product transportation and professional installation in manufacturing and distribution facilities

  • Custom conveyor Design
  • Custom Manipulator and Lift Assists
  • Integrated Sortation Systems
  • Unique material handling solutions
  • Conveyor Integration
  • Conveyor Control Systems
  • Conveyor System Retrofits



Material Removal

Midwest Engineered Systems specializes in material removal solutions for large projects. Historically, robotic finishing has been a manual and very labor intensive process. Now, robotic material removal systems can be custom engineered to make this process safe, consistent and economical.

  • Deburring
  • Sanding
  • Rough to class A finish
  • Part-to-tool / tool-to-part


Machine Tending

Midwest Engineered Systems is an innovative provider of robotic machine tending solutions. Our comprehensive line of machine tending robots can enhance your operation’s quality and productivity. Custom end-of-arm-tooling is used based on your product specifications as well as: vision and part verification systems.

Robotic Compliance Features

  • Quick change tooling
  • Collision detection
  • Servo control end of arm tooling
  • Standard machine tool interface




Automated packaging offers flexibility to pack, case fill, or  de-case a variety of products and packaging formats. Midwest Engineered Systems has extensive experience in tooling and conveying for product handling and high-speed case control.

  • Compact
  • Reliable
  • Rapid change-overs
  • Optimum product handling
  • Intuitive interface


Palletizing & Depalletizing


Robotic palletizing and depalletizing systems by Midwest Engineered Systems are configured for your unique plant layout. We utilize highly efficient, multi-zoned vacuum grippers and advanced servo-mechanical grippers to handle a wide scope of products and capacities.

Random Bin Picking

Midwest Engineered Systems provides robotic random bin picking systems with an average return on investment of 2 years. The bin picking process that MWES uses is based on: identifying the correct part, determining the location, and picking randomly placed parts from a bin using robotic automation and 3D scanning systems.

  • Distinguishes desired parts from parts that are different sizes or have different features
  • Deep bin picking with maximum scanning area of 800mm x 1200mm x 1000mm
  • Identifies parts and orientations regardless of surface finish, shine, rust, or color
  • Robotic mechanical gripper and magnetic end effector configurations (determined by application)
  • System locates the top edge of the bin to adjust for bin placement variations
  • Systems can determine and alert the operator if the bin is empty or if any foreign debris is detected in the bin.
  • Reduces operator strain and injuries


Surface Treating

Just like most automation systems, the use of robotics and automation in the realm of surface treating has benefits such as increasing productivity, flexibility, and efficiency while reducing production costs.  In most cases, automating the material handling aspect of the surface treating processes is necessary in order to achieve throughput goals.  This is especially true in large volume manufacturing situations.
  • Printing
  • Coating
  • Bonding
  • Labeling

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