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Feeling frustrated with your outdated LINK system? We feel your pain and understand the stress it causes you when you know your current drive systems are on the brink of obsolescence. Upgrade your line today and modernize your process!


New Drive System Network: The latest drive systems on the market offer integrated network capability using industry-standard communication networks and protocols. The Parker (formerly Eurotherm) new LINKnet network is a peer-to-peer Ethernet-based drive network that uses Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP communication. LINKnet is specifically designed to replace the obsolete fiber optic LINK network.


Parker drive systems using the existing LINK networks typically have AC and DC drives and remote I/O modules integrated into the LINK system. The LINKnet network supports high-speed drive and remote I/O communication, with or without a supervisory PLC. This network allows precision and repeatable control for complex machines and process lines.

The following are some of the major benefits to upgrading your outdated LINK Systems:


1. Easy to Retrofit:

Upgrade the network, keep the drives

The new Ethernet-based LINKnet system allows customers with 690+ (AC) and 590+ (DC) LINK systems to upgrade their existing coordinated drive systems without replacing drives (in most cases). LinkNet nodes are “plug-in” type modules that quickly and easily replace the on-board LINK drive modules or mount via DIN-rail.


2. Flexible:

Network, Drives, PLCs, Remote I/O and HMIs

Advances in LINKnet communication allow for greater flexibility in drive performance, compatibility, and ease of integration. The LINKnet network supports 690+ (AC) and 590+ (DC) drives, PLCs using EtherNet/IP or Modbus/TCP, qualified Ethernet remote I/O devices, and Ethernet-compatible HMIs.

Direct integration with Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley PLCs and EtherNet/IP supported devices is now easily achieved. In addition, a variety of direct-connect Ethernet I/O modules are available to choose from including digital, analog, specialty modules, or a combination of these. Existing LINK2 touchscreens can be replaced with Parker TS800 HMIs or other Ethernet-compatible HMIs.


3. Ease-of-Use Improvements:

IMG_2420 - croppedProgramming, Diagnostics, Network Interface, and 3rd Party Devices

Upgrading your system will allow you to take advantage of many systems and software improvements such as:

  • Reading & writing directly to Ethernet I/O
  • Reading & writing directly to PLC or HMI
  • Enhanced network diagnostics
  • More intuitive interfaces with icons and frequently used features
  • Monitoring and charting of any parameter from any address
  • Many more!


Midwest Engineered Systems has extensive experience upgrading and retrofitting drive systems including those with obsolete LINK systems. For over 25 years, MWES has been performing custom machine upgrades ranging from drive/control system replacement to full machine mechanical and electrical re-builds. With on-going integration of complex systems incorporating the latest technological advances, MWES is continually growing its knowledge base and capabilities.


Drive system upgrades are achieved via a combination of evaluation, engineering, and on-site services. In-house engineering expertise, using a wide variety of drive and control system suppliers, allows MWES to offer engineered solutions on a variety of platforms. Upgrades are provided in a detailed, timely, and cost-effect manner. Completing the package, MWES provides on-site engineering services with installation, configuration, and start-up.


Obsolete LINK2 Hardware Includes:

LINK2 Tech Boxes:

  • 6053-L-00 LINK2 Tech Box 605A & 690+B,
  • 6055-L-00 LINK2 Tech Box 690+ C-J Frame & 590+
  • 8000/LK/00 TS8000 HMI LINK2 Tech Box

LINK2 Racks:

  • L5300 & L5301 Series LINK Racks
  • L5311 LINKCard RTN Fiber Optic Module
  • L5312 LINKCard Firewire Moduoe
  • L5321 LINKCard Serial Module
  • L5331 LINK Rack Digital I/O modules
  • L5341 Analog I/O modules
  • L5352 Ethernet Card
  • L5353 Profibus Card
  • L5354 ControlNet Card
  • L5355 Modbus Plus Card

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