Robust Welding Solutions

Our custom welding equipment is built to meet the goals of consistent welds, quality welds, and increased part production.

Midwest Engineered Systems designs, builds and implements custom robotic welding systems. Automated welding systems are offered in a variety of capability ranges depending on your metal fabrication needs, whether your parts are simple, have complex geometries, or require heavy welding applications. Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. has a number of AWS Certified Welding Inspectors and Certified Robotic Arc Welding Technicians on staff to provide high quality services for your operation.

Arc Welding

MWES is an industry leader in welding automation offering the latest technology for arc welding systems ranging from simple fixed automation cells to complete robotic welding production lines.


Heavy & Light Gauge Material Welding

Material thickness in robotic welding represents a unique variety of challenges however, modern welding technology and sensor technology allow us to reliably cope with common problems such as part variability and thermal distortion on a wide variety of materials.



Laser Welding

This precise technology is a great welding option for low heat effect and thermal distortion control. We also employ laser welding on complicated, difficult to reach joint geometries.

Laser welding is used where high travel speed is required. Due to the higher travel speed, less heat input is brought into the work piece. Accurate part fit-up is required.




Our custom automation systems combined with multi-process welding power supplies allow us to mix ferrous and non-ferrous joining applications using the same equipment with automated change-over from one process to another.   Tool changers can also be put into place to allow one robot to handle multiple processes.

Our weld engineers will work with you on the correct welding solution on your exotic metals joining projects.



Off-Line Programming

Robotic welding is a path intensive application that lends itself very well to off-line programming. This is especially true for very large, complex weldments and high-mix, low volume program validation.

  • Robot Studio
  • RoboGuide
  • Visual Components
  • and several others



Resistance/Spot Welding

This process is a quick and efficient method of joining two or more thin sheets of metal typically 1/2-3mm in thickness. This process also allows both similar and dissimilar materials to be welded together with no shielding gasses or fluxes.

Spot welding is being used where two or more pieces of sheet metal are welded flat together. Resistance welding will be used where for example, studs need to be welded. By applying power and pressure, the material gets heated into a soft surface. The applied pressure will join the materials.


Tandem Welding

Tandem welding process is used to increase the deposition rate as well as the travel speed in comparison to conventional MIG welding processes. The Tandem arc will allow for excellent control of penetration and filler material. Furthermore it is well suited for thin sheet metal due to the high travel speed and therefore the reduced heat input into the material.

This process allows for high speed and heavy deposition welding. Properly designed weld joints will allow for more than double the deposition rates as compared to single electrode processes.




By applying high frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to a material, mainly plastic or dissimilar materials the applied pressure is forcing the material together.


Welding Fixtures

Properly holding pre-tacked assemblies or capturing loose components to be welded is one of the most important keys to success in automated welding. An infinite variety of a weldments shape, size, and weight will require unique, custom engineered fixturing solution in every application. Our engineering capability allow us to design robust fixtures for your parts no matter how complicated.


Weld Positioners

We offer a broad line of world class welding positioners and robot carriers capable of presenting weldments of any size to the robot so that welding parts in optimal position is possible in some of the most challenging applications.

MWES has standard design for custom scalable welding positioners.



Upgrades & Retrofits

Automation and welding technology are advancing with new features and capabilities every day. It is likely this newer technology has the ability to improve equipment reliability, weld quality, and throughput, for your operation. We can help you make the decision to replace, upgrade, or re-purpose existing welding automation components easy by upgrading only the obsolete components while retaining the functional equipment.

We can also provide part and system programming for new products on your existing robot welding system.


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