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Is Additive the Future of Manufacturing?

Midwest Engineered Systems is no stranger to using the most cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. For the past 26 years, MWES has been at the forefront of building the most effective and optimized automated systems in the industry.

Exhibiting at FABTECH 2017

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. (MWES), an innovative provider of premier custom machines and integrated systems, will be featured in the Safan Darley booth during FABTECH 2017.

The Best in Bending

Automating your brake press system has proven to benefit your part cost and manufacturing productivity when done properly. Robotic brake press systems are available in a variety of sizes depending on your application and part sizes.

Automated Force Torque System

Robotic Force Torque System

Midwest Engineered System’s Force/Torque system is a package of hardware and software that enhances the ability of a robot to perform specific applications.