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We specialize in providing highly technical custom automation equipment to manufacturers needing new product process development, robotic integration, web handling, and welding systems.  We can help you take your process to the next level and achieve your goals through automation and advanced manufacturing technologies.

process development

Process Development

Our approach is to link the divide between design and production, giving guidance on improvements and manufacturing.


Web Handling

We support all aspects of web handling systems from new equipment to modifications and improvements to existing machines.


Automation Technology

We specialize in designing automation systems for a variety of complex processes using the latest manufacturing technology.


Weld Systems

Our custom welding equipment is built to meet the goals of consistent welds, quality welds, and increased part production.


Robotic Integration

From small standalone systems to large integrated processes, we custom design each robotic system for your specialized needs.


Service & Support

We are proud to provide on-site customer service and support for automation, robotic, & web handling systems.  24/7, Call us anytime!

Who We Are

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. is an innovator and leader in complex systems integration.  We have been providing custom automation solutions for manufactures who need: engineering process development, assembly lines, palletizing/depalletizing, material handling, machine tending, deburring, robotic welding, fully automated production lines, and web handling for 25 years!


We Will Help you Succeed in Manufacturing!

  • Increasing Quality and Productivity
  • Streamlining your Automation Projects
  • Improving Business Operations
  • Maximizing your Automation Equipment Life and ROI
  • Keeping you Ahead of the Competitive Curve


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