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We are dedicated to providing high performing, safe, and state-of-the-art automation systems to manufacturing companies. Our team's technical expertise is capable of designing innovative integrated systems cost-effectively to increase your operational efficiency.


Our engineers have experience integrating automated assembly lines from start to finish.


Automation offers flexibility for packing or de-casing products.


We have a comprehensive line of machine tending robots that can enhance your operation's quality and productivity.


Robotic material removal, such as deburring decreases cycle times up to 80% and have a return on investment of approximately 18 months.


We utilize highly efficient, multi-zoned vacuum grippers and advanced servo-mechanical grippers to handle a wide scope of products and capacities.


Automated welding and weld positioner systems are customized depending on your metalworking needs. Whether your parts are simple, have complex geometries, or require heavy welding.


We specialize in fully automated production lines that perform a variety of different applications in one system.


We have experience implementing successful robotic random bin picking systems and integrating them with the latest end-effectors, and vision systems.

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. is a

Fanuc Authorized Integrator

As an Authroized Integrator for automation systems, Midwest Engineered Systems can analyze your requirements
and provide a robotic solution that will improve quality, throughput, and productivity to give you the return on investment
you are looking for.

Recent Projects using Fanuc Robots

Midwest Engineered Systems integrates Fanuc Robots into a variety of different manufacturing applications. From small stand alone systems, to multi-application production lines. Read our case studies below.

Tending Automation

Machine Tending Project

MWES provided a die cast robot tending automation machine for a hardware manufacturer that included a FANUC robot to tend to a new Frech Die Cast Machine and load the cast part into a Trim Press. The challenge of this project was to achieve an 18 second part to part cycle time.

MWES developed a complete solution that included a FANUC robot, robot accessories, a part verification stand, a dunk quench system, conveyors and chutes, a motorized turntable, safety features, and a controls system. The final die cast robot tending automation increased quality and efficiency. It also improved operator safety, error recovery, equipment maintainability, floor space utilization, overall system OEE, and scrap recovery.

Depalletizing System

With Vision

MWES provided a fully automated robotic depalletizing cell for boxed spray heads that was required to supply parts to two lines, convey full or partial pallet loads, dynamically pick full boxes off pallets, automatically cut top of box tape, empty boxes into line feed hoppers, break down corrugated boxes for reuse, automatically stack pallets, and send out full stacks for pickup.

MWES implemented a custom compliant end of arm tool with integrated robotic vision, a custom integrated chain driven live roller conveyor system, a dynamic box pallet picking and orientation using robotics vision, and many other materials. This automated system allowed the customer to depalletize at a rate of one box every 30 seconds. Not only is this more efficient, but it also allows the customer to take a green initiative because the boxes are broken down and reused.

Assembly Line

Bottle + Trigger Assembly

MWES provided a trigger and bottle assembly system that automatically filled bottles, sort and orient triggers for assembly, and torque triggers to bottles within specifications. It was also required to ultrasonically weld triggers to bottles.

MWES used materials such as Linmot linear actuators, custom conveyors, dual servo feed-screw control, and many more. This system allowed a single part assembly every five seconds, verification and tracking for trigger closure torque, 100 percent verification of all parts, and efficient error recognition.

Automated Knurling

Robotic Plate Handling

MWES. provided a valve plate knurling machine for a metal fineblanking company that required the capability to program four different part numbers, have to process one part, to flip parts loaded up-side-down, to withstand high pressure and force, and to detect defects and log failure information. It also had to include sensors and have a compact design. .

MWES developed a complete solution that included a Fanuc LR Mate 200iD robot and R-30iB controller with Fanuc 2D vision camera, a robotic end of arm tool with magnetic gripper and sensors, an in-feed flip station with two position shuttle escapement, and much more. The final machine increased productivity by running 1800 parts per hour and offering a faster changeover between parts due to less tooling.

Dynamic Vision Picking

Vision Systems

MWES provided a fully automated multi-station press for HVAC header tubes that was required to automatically load header tubes, baffles, and end caps. These parts must then be automatically assembled and sorted by part type.

MWES developed a full solution that included loading, robotic bin picking with vision, part identification and part orientation. Other materials such as magazine loading stamped baffles, vibratory bowl feeder loaded end cups, servo driven elector-mechanical pressing, laser part identification, and many more were utilized. The customer was able to achieve a single part assembly every six seconds.

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Midwest Engineered Systems, an innovator and leader in complex system integration, has been providing custom automation solutions since 1991.


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